How To Place Order:

Before placing order you have to create an account providing some personal information and your provided information will be secured with us. After creating the account you can simply place order by following the steps. There are two order procedure in terms of inside Dhaka and Outside Dhaka.

(A) Order Procedure For Inside Dhaka:

1. You have to give your clear address mentioning your area name, house no, flat no, road no & others instructions if needed. Provide valid phone number so that our delivery company can reach out to you anytime. Give optional number if needed.

2. You will receive a phone call from delivery organization before delivery. We expect you will get your product within 2-3days. Don’t make our delivery man wait for long hours. Do not avoid call from delivery man. If you don’t receive your parcel and keep the delivery man waiting you have to pay at least the delivery cost anyhow.

(B) Delivery Procedure for Outside Dhaka:

1. For outside Dhaka orders, we Courier via Shundarban Courier service. You have to do advance payment and bkash us the amount of your desired products with Courier charge.

2. You have to fill the form in our website for outside dhaka delivery. Simply bkash the amount in our Bkash number and provide your Bkash number and Bkash Transaction ID. After that your order will be confirmed.